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AIO Security Manager 1.5 – Free And Useful Utility Package To Remove Spyware

AIO Security Manager – 1.5

AIO Security Manager is a free and useful utility package to remove spyware, tracking, and advertising cookies, harmful programs and viruses, and clear away useless files.

AIO Security Manager is contains several programs which performs smart cookie scans, handles caches, temp files, history, useless files, and malware. The package also includes a Quick Fix which performs a minimal scan at startup and then closes itself automatically.

AIO Security Manager Main Features:
– Deletes tracking and advertising cookies based on a ”smart scan” of common characteristics
– Cleans caches, temp files, and history, and deletes malware and useless files.
– Cleans usage tracks and offers other registry services.
– Performs checks on certain security holes.
– Disk Cleanup service, which removed unneeded files from your computer and compresses old files to save space.
– Malicious Software Removal Tool: obtained through Windows Update to remove harmful programs.
– Malware-Blocker blocks communication from your computer to any server that is known to be a malicious one.

License: Freeware


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