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HelpVistaXPDiamond –

HelpVistaXPDiamond –

Below is a short list of the features and benefits available to you when using the HelpVistaXPDiamond in your development projects.

*Look And Feel Technology – Vista and XP look under Windows Me/2000/2003/2005/NT/XP/Vista with Any different color schemes.
*Customized Gradient mode – All components have customized Gradient mode
*Styles – All components have mainly two styles (Vista and XP) and also have customized for many styles if you want.
*Themes – HelpVistaForm has 17 themes which are fully customize and also themes can be created as you want.
*Customized Gradient Colors – All components have customized two Gradient Colors for normal environment and highlight environment.
*Advanced Alpha Blending Support – HelpVistaXPListbox, HelpVistaXPDTPicker, HelpVistaXPCalender , HelpVistaXPHookTab, HelpVistaXPFrame and HelpVistaForm built-in alpha blending support.( have a Background picture embedding with transparency levels.)

*Advance Owner draw Modern interface – All Components have advance owner draw modern interface.
*Special features – Each Component has included many special features for modern interfaces.
*Customize environment – All components have many facility and friendly customize environment.
*Advance Hook – HelpVistaXPHookTab has many facility and customize environment than other Worldwide Tabs.
*2 Work in 1 Control – HelpVistaForm built-in both of Form and HookMenu support.
*Automatic Row Height Calculation – The HelpVistaXPListBox can calculate row height automatically to fully display row data regardless of column width.
*Auto Width – Automatically fit all displayed columns within the HelpVistaXPListBox control to eliminate the horizontal scrollbar.
*Hyperlinks – The HelpVistaXPLabel allows you to create links to any web resource, from URLs to Email addresses.
*Multi Column Header – The HelpVistaXPListBox control built-in multi column header support.
*Easily use clsFileSystem object
*And so much more…more…


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