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Hidden Administrator – 1.7

Hidden Administrator – 1.7

Program intended for remote administration any PC.

Main possibilities of the program:
- a reception of the full access to resources of the remote computer;
- a hidden observation on remote computer;
- management on remote computer;
- a getting information from full-screen DOS window;
- a file transfer with remote computer;
- sending messages on remote computer;
- a messaging with remote computer (chat);
- shutdown and rebooting the remote computer;
- a showing system information;
- a work with “Registry” of the remote computer;
- get and set remote “Clipboard”;
- a termination of any application of the remote computer;
- an automatic termination applications and processes;
- a run the programs on remote computer;
- a hiding / showing a “Task Manager”, icons of a “Desktop”, hiding / showing the mouse cursor, minimization / hiding / restore windows, etc.;
- an automatic searching for uncared-for server part of the program (searching for computers for connection);
- password protection to remote computer connection;
- granting of the public access to the remote folder (sharing folders);
- remote wake computers (Wake on LAN);
- save images from remote screen;
- filtering IP addresses.


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