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KeyManager – 1.0

KeyManager – 1.0

Software Description:
KeyManager gives your keyboard a new life and allows you to save lots of time and effort. Thanks to its flexible interface, you can create various actions and assign keys and key combinations to them. Additionally, you can represent them in the form of popup menus.

KeyManager enables you to assign the following actions to regular and long key presses and key combinations, as well as to items of a popup menu:

– show a popup menu with a list of user-defined actions
– paste user-defined text to any application with an option to insert current time, date and other information from a template
– press and block keys, key combinations, press mouse buttons and emulate mouse wheel rotation
– launch any application or open a file or a folder (to create an event, just drag and drop a shortcut, folder or file onto the action window)
– open a specific webpage
– instantly create an email
– perform actions on all windows or active ones only (close, minimize, maximize, restore, hide, show, redraw, move, resize)
– manage your computer’s power, monitor’s power, sound settings, adjust volume, start the screensaver and much more…


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