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MailSniffer – RC

MailSniffer – RC

A universal search tool and security application providing full control over your employees correspondence by intercepting all incoming and outgoing e-mail. Eliminates threats of information disclosure through e-mail and prevents insiders’ activity. User access rights differentiation allowing one person to access all employees’ e-mail boxes, while each employee can only access only his/her own. Full text search by key phrases enabled in heading and body of the letter as well as in attached files. Alert system tracks appearance of confidential keywords or phrases from a previously created list and once detects them sends an alert to security management staff. A unique feature of search for documents with similar to the query content allows you to make search more precise as well as to save time you’d otherwise waste on standard search. Not only a phrase, but also a whole letter can act as a query, ensuring a correctly-formulated search query. Since indexed and saved into the storage letters and attachments are a duplicate of existing mail database, in case of troubles with your mail server or database, the information won’t be lost as it can be restored from SearchInform Mail Sniffer storage. Even if the letter (incoming or outgoing) was deleted, its contents still get indexed and saved to the storage, where it is kept for a set period of time regardless of whether it has or has not been deleted from the e-mail client.


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